Zeros 2 Heroes scores with latest transmedia project

Vancouver’s Zeros 2 Heroes Media has won acclaim for their latest transmedia project, Animism: The Gods’ Lake, from the SxSW Interactive Festival in Austin. Nominated for an Interactive Award in Motion Graphics, Zeros 2 Heroes will find out if they and their property will take home the prize on March 15th.

Animism, as mentioned, is a transmedia project. The centerpiece of the project is a TV series on Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network, which will be joined by novels, graphic novels, social games, alternate reality games, music, and a proprietary social network. The creators believe that a TV show alone is no longer enough to capture their target 13–15-year-old audience; that’s why their media property is accessible in so many mediums, and provides so many opportunities for audience engagement.

The Animism franchise is a story described by the creators as “‘a First Nations Narnia’ — a youth-focused fantasy epic that is rooted in Aboriginal legends and beliefs rather than Christian mythology.” It focuses on a 17-year-old environmental activist, Mel, and her and her friends’ efforts to save Gods’ Lake and the Sacred Site below its surface from condo developers under the control of Wetiko, the spirit of technology who is pushing the world to the breaking point. Mel and her friends are trying to serve Mother, the sister of Wetiko, and the spirit of nature who has been fighting Wetiko for eons. Their other sibling, the Trickster, is sought by the heroes to restore balance between Mother and Wetiko.

What’s most interesting about Animism are the various ways social media is used to engage viewers. Their proprietary social network reveals new story details, hosts games that require cooperation to play, and even allows fan fiction writers who write the best stories to have their material used in new offerings from Animism.

To see the full pitch, click here.