Zigtag profiled on ReadWriteWeb

We profiled Edmonton-born Zigtag seven months ago shortly after their demo at DemoCampEdmonton and now after a nine-month beta Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb contemplates whether Zigtag in intelligent enough for 2009.

It was two years ago that we first heard of Zigtag, a service that promised to “transform how people search, save and share knowledge & information.” Now, after a nine-month private beta, this semantic tagging service has finally launched. But is Zigtag’s bookmarking tool intelligent enough for 2009?

While at one time, a semantic-based tagging system like Zigtag may have seemed like a vision of Web 3.0, we’ve now come to a point where we wonder if it does enough. It’s possible the next revolution of the web won’t be a system that understands the meaning of the tags we created, but knows how we would have tagged things if we had bothered to do so and then does it for us. And if that’s not the future of the web…well…perhaps it should be.