Zillow bucks recession, continues to grow

Seattle based online real estate powerhouse Zillow.com is climbing back after reeling (alongside everyone else) from the recent blows of a worldwide recession.

After laying off 40 employees in October, Zillow is now back to 140 people, close to their pre-layoff workforce. They also reported 8.5 million visitors last month, up 70 percent over last year.

In an interview on TechFlash.com, Zillow CEO Rich Barton said that industry-leader companies can still charge higher CPM. And with growing knowledge of the site in the traditionally slow-moving real estate industry, not to mention access to $87 million in funding, Zillow is still set to grow.

And given the fact that the US real estate market bubble has now burst, it makes sense that a more streamlined operation like Zillow, rather than older, primarily offline real estate organizations will e the force to emerge from the eventual upswing with the most to gain.