Zillow launches iPhone App

Seattle’s Zillow announced today that they have launched their own iPhone App.

View real estate information on every home around you — as you move — using the Zillow iPhone App. It’s free! Walk or drive through a neighborhood and see Zestimate home values, homes for sale, recently sold homes, Make Me Move homes and more. GPS technology pinpoints your location and then displays real-time real estate information and data as you go. You can also search any neighborhood, regardless of your location. Perfect for buyers, sellers and real estate junkies too.

Zillow’s iPhone app is free and ports a surprising amount of the functionality and information from the Zillow.com site. When GPS location is used, the app will pull up a map view of the area showing nearby homes with housing prices and icons to indicate the status of the house; red means the home is for sale, yellow is recently sold, and blue is “make me move,” or the price at which someone would consider moving.

Tapping on any home will give you information on its design, amenities, estimated value, and change in value over time as well as photos of the home. With this initial iPhone app, Zillow has opted to focus just on the purchasing side of real estate transaction. Makes sense but it does limit its usefulness for some of Zillow’s most active members – the sellers. But if you want to look at comparables while househunting in a new neighborhood, Zillow’s app is a great solution.