Zoodango partners with Citysearch and launches GeoPage

Seattle’s Zoodango announced today that it has launched a nationwide online local search site called GeoPage.

GeoPage promises to help people efficiently find lifestyle and entertainment venues such as restaurants, hotels and attractions that are within a specific location range. GeoPage promises to take local search out of a single category (eg. restaurants) and stretch it across mulitple categories (eg. restaurants, theaters, and bars) making it easier to simultaneously find locations within walking distance.

“Our geo-search technology will give people a truly rich and efficient way to find local venues and plan their whole day or night, especially if they are looking for multiple venues to hang out at,” said James Sun, CEO of GeoPage.

Through a partnership with Citysearch, GeoPage will offer a new aggregate rating system for restaurants and other businesses, called GeoPage Rating, that takes many of the national ratings like Citysearch, Zagat, and other venue-related sites including recommendations from GeoPage users.

Over time, GeoPage plans to offer the ability for consumers to buy movie tickets, book reservations and much more to truly becoming the one-stop city guide.

GeoPage is currently available for Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Zoodango & Geopage were founded by James Sun – a former runner-up on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” – and is funded by prominent angel investors and the Seattle Alliance of Angels. Investors include ex-Microsoft SVPs, former venture capitalists, and the founder of Classmates.com.