Zoompass launches Mobile Payments Trial using Contactless Technology

Toronto’s EnStream announced today that Canadians can go wallet-less thanks to a 3-month wireless payment sticker trial.

The Zoompass Tag wireless payment device is designed in the form of a sticker that can be attached to a mobile phone and allows consumers to tap their phones at checkout to make purchases at retail stores.

By tapping a mobile phone with the Zoompass Tag on a contactless reader at the point-of-sale, payment is automatically drawn from the user’s Zoompass stored value account.

Customer’s financial information is stored on secure servers, not on the mobile phone, so even if the phone is lost or stolen, the customer’s Zoompass account remains secure. Together, the Zoompass Tag and Zoompass application allow consumers to monitor their purchase transactions in real-time.

The Zoompass sticker measures 43mm x 33mm and is pictured to the right on the back of an iPhone.

The Zoompass Tag can currently be used at most contactless payment ready locations including Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Petro Canada and Loblaws.