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Adobe InDesign Workshop in New York

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Workshop Overview

Looking to learn more about digital design? Adobe InDesign is a great tool to get started. The program is used for both print and digital design - think brochures, presentations, magazine spreads and even books - and is one of the most popular design tools amongst Designers to bring ideas to life.

If you're looking to create collateral, or simply want to learn how to make killer presentations, this full-day workshop will arm you with the skills needed to navigate the many functions and tools of Adobe InDesign.

What You'll Learn

  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Create and style InDesign pages and templates
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56How to bring your brand to life in a presentation
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Apply multiple layers
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Paragraph and character styling
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Work with and style icons and images
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Import and edit Illustrator and Photoshop content

What You'll Get

  • 5B15916C-6462-451B-842F-8F1749E9D0E2
    Your own custom presentation deck
  • A4514590-9D96-47DE-BFF2-951C2A703533
    Solid understanding of main tools, as well as additional resources & readings
  • B198B602-CAE1-488F-91EC-E60465215DCE
    Hands-on, interactive learning experience with an industry expert
  • 1FF62C73-C357-4DC4-A115-D074F9D2D009
    Catered lunch

What To Bring

  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56
    Please bring your own laptop and charger (a portable mouse is suggested)
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56
    You must have your own copy of Adobe InDesign CC on your laptop. To download a trial, click here.

Featured Educators

Mandy Yu

Educator, User Experience Design Full Time

Mandy is a multitalented UX/UI and Visual Designer who has worked on projects for a number of enterprise level clients such as EQ Bank, Deloitte and CanJet Vacations. A graduate of the York University/Sheridan Design program, she has experience across multiple disciplines, from web and app design, to environemtal design and package design.