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Workshop Overview

BrainStation has extensive experience working with teams and organizations to develop and successfully implement agile processes at scale. Our approach to enterprise agile is aligned with the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process, and our Scrum Masters get embedded with teams in order assess and optimize delivery approaches based on the specific needs of companies and teams.

BrainStation’s Enterprise Agile workshop gives a practical overview of the agile delivery method, when agile is most appropriate, and the real-world challenges organizations adopting agile will face. Our Agile training encompasses the tools, processes and organizational approaches that are increasingly essential for companies to scope, design, develop, deliver and support best in class customer experiences.

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What You'll Learn

  • Develop a Common Language Learn the lingo and develop a shared understanding of the agile manifesto amongst product team members and key business stakeholders
  • Learn the Rituals Adopt best practices relating to Agile rituals including Sprint planning meetings & daily stand-ups
  • Prioritize your Product Delivery Learn to accurately estimate time to value and roadmap prioritization techniques
  • Ship Product Regularly Introduce your team to a Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery mindset
  • Quality as Part of the Process Teams develop a shared understanding of the ‘definition of done’ and the importance of delivering quality work
The BrainStation campus
The BrainStation campus

What You'll Get

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    Flexible delivery approach; we can customize a training engagement based on the needs and goals of your organization
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    Learn in our 'flipped classroom' approach to develop practical and usable skills
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    Learn from industry experts with a broad depth of experience leading enterprise agile teams
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    Catered lunch