Design Thinking Workshop in New York

Full-Day Workshop

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Workshop Overview

Design Thinking is an essential skill for business teams to humanize technology and develop emotionally resonant products and services. BrainStation's approach to design thinking training allows teams to develop an understanding of the design thinking process and apply it to real-life iniatives through a series of interactive and engaging workshops.

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What You'll Learn

  • Identify Innovation Opportunities Learn to focus on initiatives that deliver the maximum customer value
  • Conduct Customer Research Team members will develop an empathetic understanding of the customer experience
  • Use Divergent Thinking Techniques Teams will brainstorm numerous potential solutions relating to the area of opportunity.
  • Work Effectively as Team Leverage the unique talents and perspectives of individual team members to generate breakthrough solutions
  • Test & Iterate Learn how to test assumptions through the use of rapid prototyping and experimentation.
The BrainStation campus
The BrainStation campus

What You'll Get

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    Flexible delivery approach; we can customize a training engagement based on the needs and goals of your organization
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    Learn in our 'flipped classroom' approach to develop practical and usable skills
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    Learn from Design Thinking experts with practical experience with the innovation process within enterprise environments
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    Catered lunch