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Workshop Overview

When it comes to building out your digital marketing toolkit, Google Analytics is a must. When set up correctly, the platform gives Marketers the opportunity to dig deep and learn what resonates with customers, what referrals drive the most traffic to a website, what pages need content love, and how much revenue is being generated from specific online campaigns.

With so many marketing channels available, Google Analytics helps simplify your strategy to stick to platforms that work for your unique goals, which improves efficiency and ultimately improves conversion rates.

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What You'll Learn

  • Google Analytics Setup your website with Google Analytics tracking and learn how to navigate the platform.
  • Define KPIs Outline what success looks like and keep these Key Performance Indicators in mind when analyzing data.
  • Tracking and Measurement Integrate Google Analytics’ tracking tools with a website and assess performance in the dashboard.
  • Customize Build trackable URLs, custom audiences and dashboards for different types of data.
  • Data Analysis Once you have your data, learn how to draw insight to help make improvements to a website’s performance.
  • Build a Reporting Framework Showcase website results with easy-to-digest custom reports.
The BrainStation campus
The BrainStation campus

What You'll Get

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    Understanding of how to set up and monitor Google Analytics for a website
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    Solid understanding of functionality and features, as well as additional resources & readings
  • B198B602-CAE1-488F-91EC-E60465215DCE
    Hands-on, interactive learning experience with an industry expert
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    Catered lunch