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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Workshop in New York

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Workshop Overview

Where do you go to find directions, compare products or search for places to eat? The answer is likely Google. Where a business lands on a search page has a huge impact on its brand awareness; good SEO leads to good Google search rankings which translates into business success. Having strong SEO is particularly important if you're building a digital marketing strategy on a budget as it supports brand awareness without having to pay for the exposure.

Learning how to improve your website's SEO isn't complex; it requires a handful of strategies and tools that, when implemented correctly, can have a huge impact on web traffic.

What You'll Learn

  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56SEO Principles and how Google Rankings are determined
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Perform an SEO Site Audit and analyze your findings
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Perform a Back Link Analysis and develop a strategy for Link Building
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Google's influence on search rankings based on algorithm updates
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Optimizing a website's content to improve rankings
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56The basics of local search optimization

What You'll Get

  • 0030F865-172B-4240-9DCD-9D4EAD7B3F4D
    A comprehensive SEO strategy for a website, whether for personal or business
  • A4514590-9D96-47DE-BFF2-951C2A703533
    Solid understanding of major tools, as well as additional resources & readings
  • B198B602-CAE1-488F-91EC-E60465215DCE
    Hands-on, interactive learning experience with an industry expert
  • 1FF62C73-C357-4DC4-A115-D074F9D2D009
    Catered lunch

What To Bring

Featured Educators

Trevor Martin

Educator, SEO/SEM & Analytics

Trevor is a digital strategist, who works to optimize website, improve performance and drive conversions for his clients. His nearly 5 year career in SEO and PPC began by driving traffic to local sites and has since evolved to delivering international SEO strategies to some of the world's largest and most recognizeable brands. Trevor's experience working with clients of all sizes across multiple industries allows him to share valuable insight and experience in the classroom.

Casandra Campbell

Educator, SEO/SEM & Analytics

Casandra has over 6 years of experience in the digital marketing space, working for a varierty of clients as well as her own projects, such as her brewery, Liberty Village Brewing Company. She specializes in driving website traffic and uses her own web projects as a testing ground for new tactics and strategies. Casandra's deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape allows her to develop highly effective strategies for her clients.