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User Experience Design Workshop in New York

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Workshop Overview

No website or app is complete without thoughtful User Experience Design. Today's consumers demand seamless interactions, and a slow loading page, poorly designed form or illegible copy can deter a customer from returning forever.

Consequently, a sound understanding of UX Design principles is crucial for Developers and Digital Marketers alike. This full-day workshop will layout the foundations of how to create great user experiences.

What You'll Learn

  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56How to apply Design Thinking to projects
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Sketching + Ideation best practices
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56How to perform Research and Testing on users
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Building out User Personas
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Create an experience map and design wireframes
  • 7108526C-D45F-4D99-8411-D95EF92F1D56Use Sketch for prototyping

What You'll Get

  • 0030F865-172B-4240-9DCD-9D4EAD7B3F4D
    Design a clickable wireframe and prototype, and craft user experiences using design-thinking principles
  • A4514590-9D96-47DE-BFF2-951C2A703533
    Solid understanding of main tools, as well as additional resources & readings
  • B198B602-CAE1-488F-91EC-E60465215DCE
    Hands-on, interactive learning experience with an industry expert
  • 1FF62C73-C357-4DC4-A115-D074F9D2D009
    Catered lunch

What To Bring

Featured Educators

Brad MacDonald

Educator, User Experience Design Full Time

Brad is a user experience professional who has designed both product and enterprise solutions for some of the largest organizations in Canada. He specializes in usability, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design.

William MacIvor

Educator, UX Design

William has worked with startups, agencies, and large enterprise organizations in both production and management roles including brands such as Loblaw Digital. He specializes in helping to build and scale products used by millions of Canadians. William practices user-centred design and brings a rigorous, iterative approach to complex design challenges - ideally involving data-heavy applications. William holds a Master of Architecture degree, and practiced architecture for five years before jumping over to digital. He originally trained as a physicist, but please don't hold that against him.