Digital Skills


The results from BrainStation's Digital Skills Survey are now live. Thank you to all of the professionals who participated! View the results to gain insights on the current state of the digital landscape and what trends to expect in 2019.

What is the Digital Skills Survey?

Toward the end of 2018, BrainStation surveyed professionals and industry leaders to identify shifts and trends in the digital sector, and to better understand the day-to-day work experience across disciplines.

What Our Survey Covered

The 2018 Digital Skills Survey covered the full spectrum of the digital landscape, including:

  • Data
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Development

Survey Objectives

The 2018 Digital Skills Survey aimed to discover insights into key trends and changes, including the digital skills, objectives, and tools in greatest demand.

The survey also intended to identify recruiting and training options that are most impactful—both on an individual and organizational level.

Our 2018 Distribution Partners

Our 2018 Ecosystem partners helped distribute the survey to a diverse and widespread audience of digital professionals. Want to get involved? Become a 2019 ecosystem partner.