2020 Digital Skills Survey
Development Survey Results

The fields of web and mobile development are growing rapidly. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor is forecasting the job market for Developers will grow another 15 percent by 2026.

Here's a look at the current state of the development field.

Development Work Experience

As demand for Developers continues to grow, the development workforce has to welcome a lot of new talent. Our survey findings again confirm that this is the case. 54 percent of our development respondents began their career in a field other than development.

Did you begin your career in development?

Despite this, 44 percent of respondents have more than five years of experience, with 38 percent at a senior role or higher.

In terms of specializations, 50 percent of Developers are working in front-end or full-stack development.

What is your current specialty?

Development respondents said their teams tend to be a bit bigger than those of our data respondents, as 54 percent were on teams larger than 10 people, including 15 percent with teams larger than 100.

Digital Skills and Tools

When it comes to the programming languages that Developers are using at work, JavaScript is by far the most widely used language, with 75 percent of respondents citing it. This was followed by SQL, at 47 percent. However, 86 percent, use Git for version control.

Which of the programming languages do you use?

When asked about the overall level of development literacy outside of the development team at their organization, 78 percent responded with intermediate or higher.

Outside of the development team, how would you rank the overall level of development literacy within your organization?

The high percentage of development literacy across organizations was surprising, but breaking the data down further, we found that the more senior an employee is, the higher they rated the development literacy in their organization. One reason for this may be that senior employees often work with more highly qualified individuals within the company. They may also have a better grasp of employee skills competency because they're involved in the hiring process.

Professional Development

A massive 80 percent of Web Developers feel that digital skills training would make them more successful.

Do you feel that digital skills training would make you more successful in your role?

This is indicative of how quickly things can change on the tech front; even the most successful Developers need to keep up. There are also higher expectations that professionals have a multi-disciplinary toolkit. Fittingly, 52 percent of Developers felt that additional development skills would most improve their workplace success, followed by data (20 percent) and design (12 percent).

What type of digital skills would be most helpful for your professional development?

In terms of advancing their own development skills, respondents most frequently use social and digital forms of learning. The top three resources Developers use to learn new techniques or ideas are online forums, digital skills training, and blogs.

Which resources do you use to learn new techniques or ideas?

30 percent of Developers also felt that additional development skills would make their organizations more successful, with 21 percent choosing data instead.

When it comes to learning opportunities and training, Developers cite online courses as the most frequent format for improving their skills.