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Design Thinking

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Design Thinking Training

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Solve user problems with design thinking

Training Overview

Solve complex problems using design thinking

BrainStation's Design Thinking course is a collaborative, hands-on learning experience, meant to provide a comprehensive understanding of the design thinking process. Taught by industry experts with real-world experience, you will learn how to adopt a design thinking mindset, allowing for an iterative, user-centric approach to problem-solving.

What You'll Accomplish

Master the Design Thinking Process

Learn how to use design thinking as a framework to solve complex business problems and develop innovative user-oriented solutions.

Understand Customer Needs

Use industry tools and processes to gather user insights, develop an understanding of customer needs, and identify real problems that need to be solved.

Build and Test Prototypes

Build, test, and iterate prototypes to assess user experience and potential customer buy-in while elevating the quality of the solution.

Apply Design Thinking to your Unique Role

Apply the design thinking process outside of the digital space to develop solutions in a wide range of business contexts.

What You'll Learn

Customer Empathy

Understand customer empathy as a central aspect of the design thinking process. Learn to prioritize a user-centric approach to uncover insights and develop marketplace solutions that fulfill customer needs.


Learn core strategies in the design thinking development process; organize and manage a team to leverage the insights, experiences, and ideas of the entire group. Formalize the ideation process to identify concrete opportunities and create more innovative solutions.

Prototyping and Validation

Reap the benefits of prototyping by developing the ability to build and measure success based on customer experience. Use validation frameworks to test assumptions, confirm solutions, and maximize the efficient use of resources prior to product launch.

Applied Design Thinking

Apply design thinking practices to product pitches and buy-in strategies, allowing you to further access the market, identify opportunities, and maximize positive outcomes.

In-person or Online

BrainStation offers Design Thinking training in our state-of-the-art campuses across North America, or through Synapse, our data-driven student learning platform. Both on-campus or online, Instructors are empowered to deliver live lectures and provide immediate support and feedback.

Upcoming Sessions


Saturday to Sunday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET


Priority Enrollment ends May 24

Registrations Currently Unavailable

Unfortunately this course is currently unavailable at our Online Live Pacific.

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Sep 07 - Sep 08

Saturday to Sunday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET

Priority Enrollment ends May 24


Registrations Currently Unavailable

Unfortunately this course is currently unavailable at our Online Live Pacific.

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