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Product Management

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Product Management Online Certificate Course

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Learn from experienced Product Managers

Apply skills through projects

Build lasting connections

Manage the Digital Product Life Cycle

Identify Problems Worth Solving

Learn how to identify market opportunities and user needs, allowing you to build successful products and solutions.

Develop a Go-to-market Strategy

Create a comprehensive product launch, including defining your minimum viable product, positioning, and pricing.

Manage Agile Teams

Gain a strong understanding of scrum, the Agile methodology, and project management framework to enable quick iterations and improvements.

Your Final Project

To earn your certificate, develop and present a go-to-market plan for a new product. This project will build on the product strategy you have developed throughout the course, requiring you to define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), perform a market assessment, and present the product solution to key stakeholders.

What You'll Learn

Opportunity Discovery

Learn how to identify problems worth solving, in the marketplace and in your product. Understand the difference between products your customer should buy, and products your customer will buy.

Minimum Viable Product

Learn to ideate and test an MVP to determine if your product idea meets the needs of your customers.


Stay relevant and competitive by understanding Scrum, one of the most commonly used Agile methodologies to build technology products.

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“BrainStation's mission is to deliver a premium learning experience, with hands-on, digital skills training that keeps up with the pace of innovation. Working directly with industry leaders, we've developed an immersive, adaptive training model, to help professionals and organizations evolve and thrive in today's digital economy.”

Jason Field

Founder & CEO, Brainstation

Jason Field

Experience the Future of Learning

BrainStation provides an unmatched online learning experience, with a world-class, data-driven learning platform, engaging live classes that emphasize collaboration and feedback, and comprehensive training and development resources.

Attend Live Lectures

Learn in-demand skills with engaging live lectures, and then apply them immediately, working on projects in a collaborative, online setting.

Attend Live Lectures
Get Real-Time Feedback Get Real-Time Feedback

Get Real-Time Feedback

Get personalized feedback and guidance from Instructors with experience working in the field.

Connect with your Peers

Build real-world connections collaborating with like-minded professionals and experts from around the world.

Connect with your Peers
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Leverage Synapse

Use Synapse, BrainStation's intuitive, data-driven learning platform to access course content, as well as additional quizzes, challenges, and resources.

What People are Saying

“The class was small and intimate, which meant I could interact with my Instructor and peers, just as I would have in a face-to-face setting. BrainStation Instructors also all work in the field, so you also get to hear about real-life day-to-day experiences, which really reinforces the course content.”

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