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Data Science

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Data Science Online Certificate Course

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Learn from experienced Data Scientists

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Derive and Present Critical Data Insights

Uncover New Insights from Data sets

Use leading methods, including categorization and regression, to analyze large data sets and generate information from disparate data.

Make Data-Driven Predictions

Learn how to build categorical and numerical models that can predict results before they happen.

Generate Striking Data Visualization

Effectively communicate the results of your analysis by building powerful visualizations in Python Packages.

Master Industry Tools

  • Anaconda

  • Jupyter Notebooks

  • Python

Your Final Project

To earn your certificate, complete a real-world analysis project on a data set of your choosing. This will be an end-to-end analysis project, requiring you to collect and clean data, develop a hypothesis, and model the data to prove or disprove it. You will then create visualizations to present your insights in a meaningful way.

What You'll Learn

Programming for Data Science

Learn to program with Python, one of the most popular programming languages used for data science applications. Understand fundamental components of programming, including data types, structures, and how to import and use various packages.

Cleaning and Analyzing Data

Use Python to import, clean, manipulate, and analyze various types of data. Draw insights, develop a hypothesis, and begin running experiments to test your assumptions.

Data Modeling

Using real data problems encountered in the field, you will learn to build linear models for numerical data and categorical models for non-numerical types of data.

Visualization and Presentation of Data

Using Python packages, you will construct visualizations that can help tell a story with your analyses and predictions. You will then practice presenting these insights.

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Jason Field

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BrainStation provides an unmatched online learning experience, with a world-class, data-driven learning platform, engaging live classes that emphasize collaboration and feedback, and comprehensive training and development resources.

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Learn in-demand skills with engaging live lectures, and then apply them immediately, working on projects in a collaborative, online setting.

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Get Real-Time Feedback

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“My experience with the class was great. The Instructor was amazing — he had a lot of knowledge and was clearly passionate about the course. We were learning in a way that we could implement at work the next day. I also had the opportunity to get to know some amazing people from different industries and backgrounds, and I really enjoyed that. Final note: I was able to get my dream job at Shopify after completing this program.”

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