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Full-Time Online Bootcamp, 10 Weeks

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  • Learn From Anywhere

    Access our full-time program from the comfort of your home.

  • Taught by Industry Leaders

    Learn from experts who bring their real-world experience to every class.

  • 10 Weeks

    Online learning from 10AM - 6PM EST, totalling 400 hours of instruction, project work, and collaboration.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Community

    Learn and collaborate with like-minded classmates from different backgrounds around the world.

  • State-of-the-Art Learning

    Access to a Learning Portal that’s unlike any other learning experience.

  • Scholarships

    We offer Merit-based Scholarships, as well as our Women in Tech initiative.

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Student life

BrainStation’s Full-time Online Web Development program offers a learning environment unlike any other. You’ll learn cutting-edge technologies from industry leaders who are passionate about technology and education, giving you the same high-calibre experience as our in-person training options.

Our Educators are dedicated to helping you succeed, and will provide you with the guidance and structure you need. The program is fast-paced and challenging, and our Educators and Support Team are there to make your experience as rewarding and engaging as possible.

Each day you’ll be joined by peers from around the world to tune in to live lectures. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of classmates who bring their unique experience to group work, working on hands-on projects that will help you solve real-world problems.

By the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll graduate the full-time Web Development program empowered to start a career in tech, whether it be as a Web Developer, Product Manager or Entrepreneur.

What You'll Learn

  • HTML5 HTML training to help you master the internet’s foundational language.
  • CSS3 Use CSS3 to make your website standout by customizing your layout, appearance, and adding animations.
  • Bootstrap Apply this modern front-end framework to easily create responsive sites on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • SASS & BEM Learn industry best practices for styling websites with CSS tools and methodologies.
  • JavaScript Learn to program with the language of the web, using the latest ECMAScript6 standard.
  • JQuery Use one of the web’s most popular libraries, jQuery, to add interactivity, animations, and dynamic changes to your webpage.
  • Node.js Dive deeper into JavaScript programming by creating Node.js programs such as web scrapers.
  • ExpressJS Learn how to create back-end web apps using ExpressJS, a Node.js web application framework.
  • ReactJS Create front-end applications with Facebook’s widely used JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • PostgreSQL + Sequelize Manage your web applications data using one of the most commonly used relational databases.
  • MongoDB + Mongoose Learn the popular non-relational database MongoDB to get a broader understanding of database choices.
  • RESTful APIs Learn how to use third-party APIs and how to build your own RESTful APIs to manage your app’s data needs.
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) Learn the basics of MVC architecture by creating server-side rendered web applications using ExpressJS.
  • Component-based Architecture Create front-end apps in a component-based architecture using ReactJS and flux-esque state management libraries.
  • Git Practice how to remotely manage your code and collaborate with developers in a team environment using industry software.
  • NPM Access the world’s largest open source package management system to rapidly build new apps.
  • Agile Software Development Learn the basics of the iterative approach to software development through group projects.
  • Amazon AWS Use the most comprehensive deployment service to put your web applications online.
  • Authentication & Authorization Integrate password encryption and user authentication with libraries such as Bcrypt and JWT.
  • Secure Payment Systems Add Stripe to your app for real time, flexible, and secure payment processing.
"BrainStation allowed me to learn at my own pace, but guided me whenever I needed help. The best part about the teaching style was that they never just gave me the answer, but always asked me questions or gave me hints. Now when I run into problems, I know I can find the answers myself.”

Jackson Wong, Full-time Remote Web Development Alumni

BrainStation's online experience
BrainStation's online experience

The online experience

Learning Portal

As a BrainStation student you’ll be working out of an industry-leading Learning Portal. The digital classroom is designed to facilitate interaction between you and the live lecturer, and you will engage with your peers and Educators just as you would in an in-person classroom.

Live Help

You’ll have access to a live help desk, and you can schedule time with Mentors as often as needed. You’re learning from the comfort of your own home, but always supported and connected to the community.

How you'll learn

You’ll be learning online from a live Educator teaching you in real-time with hands-on, project-based work; it’s as close to in-person learning as it gets. The program’s curriculum is adaptive to reflect what is being used by industry experts in the real-world, tried and tested. You’ll always have access to the learning material before each lecture, giving you the opportunity to learn concepts ahead of time and ask questions to apply to the lecture.

Career Support

As a BrainStation full-time student, you'll receive ongoing support from our Educators and TAs throughout the duration of the program.

  • Career Guidance

    You’ll receive interview prep and mock interview practice, as well as tips on how to build your resume to showcase your newfound skills.

  • Build Your Presence

    We’ll help you develop your GitHub profile and create a portfolio of applications to show potential employers.

  • Networking Events

    Learn how to improve your networking skills, get guidance on what networking events to attend in your area, and access unique networking opportunities through our partners.

Program goals

Want to work in a startup?

We will work with you to create an Angel List profile, set you up on TripleByte, and connect you with your nearest reputable startup incubator for networking.

Want to work in a medium to large company?

We will help you evaluate opportunities in your area that fit your goals and connect you with hiring partners from our network.

Want to work remotely as a Developer?

We provide guidance on launching your career as a freelancer, or can assist you in utilizing services to find organizations seeking remote Developers.

The BrainStation campus
The BrainStation campus

Student Payment Plans

We work with our students to make our programs accessible and affordable.

We understand that every student's financial situation is unique, and we work closely with you to build a customized Student Payment Plan. Speak with our Admissions team today to learn about financing options and explore our range of scholarship opportunities.

Admissions Process

BrainStation selects only committed individuals who will thrive in our fast-paced, collaborative program. Throughout the application process, you will be challenged to learn new concepts through self-guided assessments and critically assess your readiness through an interview with our Success Team. To begin your application, please request a Course Information Package on the course page and complete the short online application to get in touch with our Admissions team. The Course Information Package will outline next stages in applying for the program.

We recommend that all individuals begin their application process one month prior to their intended start date to ensure sufficient time to complete all stages of the admissions process, including mandatory prep assessments.

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    Information about yourself including education, work experience and a few short questions for us to get to know you better.

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    Get to Know Your Support Team

    You will meet the team at BrainStation and begin to get acquainted with the Learning Portal.

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