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Learn HTML

If you are interested in web development or building websites, you will want to learn HTML. HTML code is the core technology for defining the structure of web pages.

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Introduction to HTML & CSS

1 Hour Beginner-Friendly 17 Lessons

Learn how websites are built with HTML & CSS and practice building common web page elements with this guided HTML & CSS tutorial.

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What You'll Learn

What are HTML & CSS?

Discover how HTML and CSS are used to create modern websites.

Structuring a Page with HTML

Learn the essential HTML tags and practice using them.

Introduction to CSS & Selectors

Practice using CSS to target specific HTML elements.

Applying Styles with CSS

Use important CSS properties to apply styles to your webpage.

Explore Detailed HTML & CSS Reference Docs

Discover the features and capabilities of both HTML and CSS, the two foundational languages of the modern web. This reference documentation is an invaluable tool to support you while you learn and build.

Leading Digital Businesses Need HTML Skills

Is HTML Hard to Learn?

No, HTML is not hard to learn, because it is relatively easy to learn enough basic HTML code to get started creating and editing web pages. However, it is harder to learn how to use HTML for more advanced applications, like combining HTML with other programming languages to create an interactive website or responsive web design.

Though HTML might seem daunting at first for absolute beginners to web development, it is actually quite easy to learn HTML once you begin digging into it. For one thing, there aren't really any technological barriers learning HTML and tackling your first web page — all you need is a computer with a web browser and a text editor like TextEdit or NotePad to write HTML.

HTML is a markup language, as opposed to a programming language. So where programming languages spell out a series of actions, an HTML tag merely describes what things are (like paragraphs, images, tables, headings, etc.). As a result, it should be much more straightforward for most people to learn the basics of HTML.

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