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  • 10 Week Bootcamp

    Online learning from 10AM - 6PM EST, totalling 400 hours of instruction, project work, and collaboration.

    *BrainStation Online Full Time programs are provided by BrainStation LP, based in New York.

Online Bootcamp Details

5 days a week

10AM - 6PM EST

400 Hours of Instruction

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  • State-of-the-Art Learning

    Access to a Learning Portal that's unlike any other learning experience.

  • Taught by Industry Leaders

    Learn from experts who bring their real-world experience to every class.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Community

    Learn and collaborate with like-minded classmates from different backgrounds around the world.

Student Life

The Experience

BrainStation Online’s Full-time Remote Data Science bootcamp offers a learning environment unlike any other. You’ll learn cutting-edge technologies from industry leaders who are passionate about technology and education, giving you the same high-calibre experience as our in-person training options.

Our Educators are dedicated to helping you succeed, and will provide you with the guidance and structure you need. The bootcamp is fast-paced and challenging, and our Educators and Support Team are there to make your experience as rewarding and engaging as possible.

Stay Connected

Each day you’ll be joined by peers from around the world to tune in to live lectures. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of classmates who bring their unique experience to group work, working on hands-on projects that will help you solve real-world problems.

By the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll graduate the full-time Remote Data Science bootcamp empowered to start a career in Data Science.

What You'll Learn

  • SQL Use SQL to create, query and manipulate databases.
  • Python Learn object-oriented programming and gain practical experience using one of the most common programming languages for Data Science.
  • Visualizations Develop visualizations both using Tableau, and Python packages including Bokeh and Matplotlib.
  • Experiment Design Learn industry best practices for setting up and executing data-related experiments.
  • Data Integrity Learn tools to clean and measure the integrity of data before beginning an experiment.
  • Numerical Modelling Gain practical experience applying numerical modelling techniques such as linear regression to predict unknowns, including future data points.
  • SQL Use SQL to create, query and manipulate databases.
  • Python Learn object-oriented programming and gain practical experience using one of the most common programming languages for Data Science.

How You'll Learn

You’ll be learning online from a live Educator teaching you in real-time with hands-on, project-based work; it’s as close to in-person learning as it gets. The program’s curriculum is adaptive to reflect what is being used by industry experts in the real-world, tried and tested. You’ll always have access to the learning material before each lecture, giving you the opportunity to learn concepts ahead of time and ask questions to apply to the lecture.

“You will not only learn hands-on skills in your respective field of study, but also learn how to learn. Our educational delivery model reflects this; you will be pushed to challenge your own assumptions and adopt new mindsets on the regular. This iterative approach to learning is indeed intense, and is only possible thanks to the extensive support you will receive from our talented Educators who are also expert lifelong learners themselves.”

Jin - Sr. Manager, Full Time Programs

Career Support

As a BrainStation full-time student, you'll gain access to tools and resources to help get you career ready in 10 weeks.

  • Career Guidance

    You’ll receive interview prep and mock interview practice, as well as tips on how to build your resume to showcase your newfound skills.

  • Build Your Presence

    We’ll help you develop your online presence and create a portfolio of projects to show potential employers.

  • Networking Events

    Learn how to improve your networking skills, get guidance on what networking events to attend in your area, and access unique networking opportunities through our partners.


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Student Payment Plans

We work with our students to make our programs accessible and affordable.

We understand that every student's financial situation is unique, and we work closely with you to build a customized Student Payment Plan. Speak with a Learning Advisor today to learn about financing options and explore our range of scholarship opportunities.

Admissions Process

BrainStation selects only committed individuals who will thrive in our fast-paced, collaborative program. Throughout the application process, you will be challenged to learn new concepts through self-guided assessments and critically assess your readiness through an interview with our Success Team. To begin your application, please request a Course Information Package on the course page and complete the short online application to get in touch with our Admissions team. The Course Information Package will outline next stages in applying for the program.

We recommend that all individuals begin their application process one month prior to their intended start date to ensure sufficient time to complete all stages of the admissions process, including mandatory prep assessments.

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Applicants who do not successfully pass the admissions interview will have the opportunity to re-apply for the next cohort

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