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Python Tutorial

Learn Python

Learn Python: kickstart your coding and data journey with this free tutorial on Python. While learning Python, you'll practice experimenting with code and gain valuable insight into programming languages and core programming concepts.

Learn Python
Ready to start your career in Data? Find out more about BrainStation's Python Course

Get Started in Coding and Data With Python Programming

Python is one of the world's most popular programming languages, powering many popular apps and technology services today. Since Python is used across a diverse set of fields from web development, to data science, machine learning, and more, learning Python code as a core skill can open a variety of opportunities in rapidly growing careers.

With technology now a central part of our lives, it's never been more critical to have some level of understanding around programming concepts. Python is considered a good language for beginners because it is so approachable, and you do not need to be an experienced programmer to grasp its core concepts or get started learning to code or even to write programs.

In these free Python tutorials you can learn and practice fundamental programming concepts on your own schedule through a series of micro-lessons and examples.

Why Python is Great for Total Beginners

These free Python tutorials are designed for programming beginners who are eager to take their first step into web development, data science, and/or data analysis. The Python programming language is a great first language to learn, because it introduces fundamental programming concepts that apply to other languages, while being fun and intuitive to learn. But even if you've tried to learn Python before, this course can be a great intro and refresher for those who want to revisit Python.

What You’ll Learn in This Python Tutorial

Python is a language of choice for tech companies like Google, Netflix and others, and through this tutorial you’ll learn a variety of essential Python skills and programming knowledge. By the end of this course, you'll have improved your digital literacy, gained a better understanding of programming languages, and practiced using some of the coding tools of experienced programmers.

Within this tutorial, you'll learn:

  • Python Programming Language
    • What is Python?
    • Python Tools
  • Python Basics
    • Intro to Python Programming
      • Python Syntax
      • Python 3
    • Python Variables
    • Python String
    • Python Number
    • Python Boolean
  • Python Conditions
    • If Statement Python
  • Python Loops
    • While Loop Python
  • Python Classes & Functions
    • Python Function

How to Apply Your New Python Programming Skills

With this tutorial course, you'll have the opportunity to apply key Python concepts through bite-sized exercises. You'll also be in a perfect position to explore the world of coding, web development, data science, and data analysis. BrainStation offers a number of certificate courses, a Python certification course, and a bootcamp program with more advanced material in this domain to help you build advanced skills in Python. Programs that you could consider include:

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