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About BrainStation

BrainStation is a global leader in digital skills training, empowering individuals and businesses to level up through courses, bootcamps, corporate training, workshops and events. We teach cutting-edge topics that revolve around the digital product lifecycle - design, development, product, marketing, and data - led by industry experts who take their real-world experience and apply it to every in-person or online lecture.

Our state-of-the-art campuses, best-in-class Online Learning Portal and multi-disciplinary community of passionate, creative individuals makes for a learning experience unlike any other.

From career acceleration to transformation, we're here to empower the digital leaders of tomorrow.

50 000

individuals empowered


expert educators


full-time hiring rate

BrainStation Campuses

Toronto, Canada

460 King Street West

New York, USA

503 Broadway

Vancouver, Canada

445 Granville Street

San Jose, Costa Rica

Terra Campus Corporativo, Tres Rios



In this section you will find the proper use cases for the BrainStation logo as well as any additional resources required for any media campaign that is attached to the BrainStation brand.

Logo Usage

The BrainStation primary logo (seen below on left) is used in all web and print applications where space is adequate, and can be used in colour, in black, or inversely. It consists of the BrainStation brain symbol, the BrainStation wordmark, and the registered symbol. Our secondary logo variations include the brain symbol alone.

Full logo with safety Logo symbol with safety

To ensure clarity and safe space for the primary logo, any graphics, text, or other visual element should not clutter the surrounding area of the logo. The safety zone should always be maintained and protected.

Logo Usage

download Download logos

Included in the package are .eps and .png variants of the BrainStation logo in their respective formats. In no way can you alter the logo or type in anyway, you may also not use any alternative colour variant than those provided.

download Download culture photos

The photos selected in this package are to be used for any external marketing campaigns that are tied to BrainStation.

"We're challenging how education is delivered, curated, and published. We're digital-first and that is something we're going to continue pushing forward to guarantee our students receive the best education available."

Jason Field, Founder & CEO, BrainStation

Jason Field, Founder & CEO, BrainStation