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Python Tutorial

Python String

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Python provides a number of basic data types that can be used to store different kinds of values in a variable. Let’s explore the first of these data types: python string.

Python String

The string data type is used to store information that is a sequence of characters including alphabets, symbols, and numbers. There are multiple ways to create a string data type in Python using a single-quote , a regular quotation mark (double quotes) , or a set of three single quotes (triple quotes) ‘’’. Using a set of three single quotes is a specific way of creating a string data type that can span multiple lines and have whitespace characters preserved inside it. Let’s create some string data types in our notebook following along with the code in the image below:

As seen above, a string can be created using single, double, or triple quotes. Even though we purposely entered some whitespace characters in the voicemail_message variable, it is preserved when we see the value stored in that variable. The preferred way of creating string variables is by using single quotes unless whitespace needs to be preserved.

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