Terms of Service - Key Terms

Our full terms of service can be found here.

Acceptance of the BrainStation Terms of Service is a Condition of Your Participation in BrainStation Services. Please read these Terms of Service (the “Terms”) carefully before you create an account or use or participate in any BrainStation Services. “BrainStation Services” means the website located at brainstation.io and offerings described there from time to time, your BrainStation.io account, and any associated software, applications, services, programs, training, courses, events, data or content made available for free or for a fee under by BrainStation used in connection to them, including any related online platform, directory or cloud-based tools to enable you to view, use or participate in them.

This is a Binding Agreement. These Terms are a binding agreement between you and BrainStation and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“BrainStation,” “we,” “us”). “You” and “users” shall mean all participants in and users of BrainStation Services. You confirm your acceptance of these Terms each time you access or use any BrainStation Services. If you do not accept these Terms, You are not lawfully permitted to use BrainStation Services, You must not use them and are not authorized to use or participate in BrainStation Services. These Terms and the Brainstation entity providing BrainStation Services to You may vary based on the BrainStation Services You are using and region and such details will be provided to you as applicable.

Persons Under 18 Years of Age, Children under 13 May Not Use BrainStation Services. If you are under 18 years of age, you represent and agree that you possess the legal consent of your parent or guardian to access and use BrainStation Services. No BrainStation Services are directed to persons under the age of 13. Children under 13 are prohibited from participating in BrainStation Services.

Ownership and Use of BrainStation Services and Content. BrainStation or its suppliers own all that we create or make available to you through BrainStation Services. You have a limited license and right to use this content only for your own personal use and only in association with using BrainStation Services. BrainStation Services include content such as the following: images, design and branding features, text, video, images, logos, templates software and software code, data, audio and video files and other such content in digital and other formats, which is made available on our website, in our course materials, and on the Internet and is collectively referred to as “BrainStation Content". All BrainStation Content in its components and as a compilation is the property of BrainStation and is protected under applicable copyright, trade-mark and other laws.

BrainStation Community Guidelines. BrainStation Community Guidelines are posted at brainstation.io/community-guidelines. These Terms incorporate the BrainStation Community Guidelines. You agree to comply with those Guidelines at all times while participating in or using BrainStation Services.

Privacy. The Terms include BrainStation’s Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference into the Terms. Information you provide us will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy.