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  • Develop an understanding of the end-to-end Product Management process

    We've trained individuals from the world-leading companies, including Google & Uber.

  • Learn how to work with a team to take a product from ideation to launch

    Learn from experts who bring their real-world experience to every class.

  • Explore what it’s like to work in a product-centric role

    Smaller class sizes make for a more interactive, collaborative learning experience.

  • Build a strategy and roadmap for your product idea or an existing product

    Don't just sit in front of a lecturer; hands-on learning allows you to work on real projects that matter to you.

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What You'll Learn

You’ll learn how to successfully take a product concept from ideation to launch.

  • Assessing the Market Is there an opportunity for my product to succeed?
  • Develop a Business Case Learn the steps necessary to promote your product idea to Stakeholders.
  • Customer and User Validation Collect user insights and use them to iterate on your product idea.
  • User Personas Practice journey mapping to define who your target audience.
  • Agile & Lean Overview of how product teams use these methodologies.
  • Product Design Use prototyping to showcase your idea to the world.
  • Assessing the Market Is there an opportunity for my product to succeed?
  • Develop a Business Case Learn the steps necessary to promote your product idea to Stakeholders.

Is This Course For Me?

When it comes to building products, a Product Manager plays an integral role in successfully bringing a product to life, from ideation to execution. The Product Management course is designed to teach students how to launch market-ready products, and is ideal for those who have a product concept, or are interested in the product lifecycle of digital products.

Project-based learning will teach students the tools and processes used by industry professionals, giving them something to take away to showcase their newfound skills.

By the end of the course, students will be well-versed in product strategy, armed with the ability to oversee the development of a product and manage a digital team, whether for a startup or large-scale enterprise company.

“The course was detailed and practical for an aspiring PM or someone keen to learn more about developing products in startups and innovative businesses. The instructors were experienced, attentive, and engaged. I highly recommend it.”


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Goal Setting

Product Management students will begin the course by defining their learning goals; why they are enrolled in Product Management and what they want to accomplish. Our Educators use this information to ensure students have a positive experience and are on track to achieving their goals.

Access to Learning Content

All Product Management course material lives in the BrainStation Learning Portal, and is accessible to students outside of the classroom to review and reference on their own time. This is a great resource for working on final projects or diving deeper into new Product Management concepts taught in class.


One of the key features of the BrainStation Learning Portal is to provide an opportunity for students to assess their knowledge of Product Management topics they’ve been introduced to throughout the course. Educators can take this data and support students with additional resources to ensure they develop a firm grasp of the course content.

“In the real world, innovation is outpacing education and that's something we’ve recognized at BrainStation. We’re challenging how education is delivered, curated, and published. Our students and Educators benefit from the collaborative tools we’ve developed to help us get content researched, written, and peer reviewed faster than a traditional publishing cycle. We're digital-first in every facet of the phrase and that is something we’re going to continue pushing forward to guarantee our students receive the best education available.”

Jason, Founder & CEO


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