Student Experience | Digital Marketing, Week 8 | Jass Binning

By BrainStation March 16, 2016

In this week’s Digital Marketing Course, students were introduced to Search Engine Marketing with a focus on Google Analytics to measure and track how people interact with any given site. Having minimal exposure to Google Analytics during the course of my education and early career, this was one topic that I found myself most excited about. John Norton, SEO expert from Vancouver-based digital marketing firm, Data Made Human, led the class by introducing strategies in which digital marketers can build and launch campaigns on Google Adwords as well as use optimization and measurement techniques to build and track your audience.

Before you try to understand Google Analytics, it is important to understand the relationship between GA and SEO. Having developed automatic algorithms that rank each site, Google sends out “spiders” to “crawl” each site with the intent of finding value through various KPIs such as backlinks, traffic, up-­to-­date content, etc. Through Search Engine Optimization techniques (i.e. Choosing good keywords, creating a sitemap, etc.), website administrators and marketers are able to improve the performance of each site in Google’s organic search listings.

Jass is taking BrainStation's Intro to Digital Marketing in Vancouver!

Jass is taking BrainStation’s Intro to Digital Marketing in Vancouver!

Why is GA important?

Besides improving the performance of your page rankings, Google Analytics can allow marketers to collect and report in-depth data. If used correctly, GA can be a marketer’s goldmine!

● Analyze the amount of time a user spends on your site

● Analyze the user flow, how much time is spent on each page and where they drop off

● Analyze different dimensions: where your users live, what device they are viewing from and what browser they are using

All of this information may seem daunting at first. Without knowing which sections to pay attention to, you may likely find yourself spending countless hours digging through the platform and walk away feeling overwhelmed. After all, I can say from personal experience, it takes more than one day to learn. If you are like me and would much rather work hands ­on with a team to learn the best practices of web analytics, BrainStation instructors will help you find a way to figure out how to launch a GA campaign in an extremely user-friendly way.

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