500px Launches World’s Largest Global Photographer Directory

500px today announced a global photographer directory, searchable by specialty and location.

This is the latest addition to the Toronto-based company’s global photography-on-demand service, currently serving clients such as Airbnb, Google, and Lonely Planet.

“The Directory is a natural extension of our world-class photography-on-demand offerings, making 500px the go-to destination for global image buyers to find the right photographer for any custom job, large or small,” said Andy Yang, CEO. “Collaborating with Adobe Stock Premium means added exposure for our photographers as well.”

500px also announced it will collaborate with Adobe Stock to offer Adobe users a select set of 500px images in the Adobe Stock Premium collection.

“As we incorporate the best of 500px into Adobe Stock’s Premium collection, our creative community will gain access to a diverse showcase of images,” said Scott Braut, head of content at Adobe. “In turn, the large network of 500px members will also now be able to reach millions of creative buyers through seamless and native integration between Adobe Stock and Adobe Creative Cloud.”

The directory is currently in beta with 50,000 photographers across 11,000 searchable locations representing 191 countries on board in a few weeks. It offers photographers a chance to connect directly with customers and set their own rates for offline work.

Profiles include brief photographer bios, self-selected photo galleries of their best work, their availability, the equipment they use, and the languages they speak.

An extension to the Directory – the Directory API – is currently in private beta.

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