Afterpay Rolls Out Buy Now, Pay Later to Simon-Owned Malls

Shoppers can finance purchases through Google Pay or Apple Pay in more than 100 malls.

Need to Know

  • Afterpay will be available at participating retailers within Simon mall locations this holiday shopping season.
  • Afterpay and Simon are targeting millennials and Gen Z shoppers who prefer slow, sustainable fashion, but may not be able to purchase it upfront.
  • Purchases can be made via Google Pay or Apple Pay in the Afterpay app; stores don’t need any new devices.
  • Simon is the largest mall operator in the U.S., operating over 100 malls across the country.


Simon malls in the U.S. have partnered with Afterpay to offer buy now, pay later financing options to consumers this holiday season.

Afterpay, which allows consumers to pay for purchases in four interest-free installments, will be available at participating retailers in Simon malls. Those retailers don’t need to purchase additional devices or invest in any new technology; Afterpay is available via Apple Pay and Google Pay, meaning customers simply need to select Afterpay when buying items on either of those two payments platforms.

“Afterpay’s unique in-store payment solution allows our shoppers to make immediate purchases from our retail tenants while paying over time, interest-free—driving additional sales for our retailers,” Mikael Thygesen, CMO for Simon, said in a statement. “We believe the service is well-suited for these challenging economic times and a great option for our consumers and retail tenants alike.”

Buy now, pay later platforms like Afterpay have been seeing significant growth throughout 2020, as customers look for more flexible financing options due to the financial insecurity brought on for many by the COVID-19 pandemic. Millennials and members of Gen Z in particular may find BNPL technology appealing, as they tend to gravitate towards more ethical, locally produced products and brands, which often come at a higher price point than their mass-marketed counterparts.

“With the busy holiday season upon us, we are proud to offer a truly multi-channel payment solution that has proven to bring new customers and increased sales to our retail partners,” Melissa Davis, Afterpay’s EVP of North America, said of the Simon partnership. “Our new in-store solution is yet another way to support merchants by offering a powerful budgeting tool that allows shoppers to spend their own money over time — whether they prefer to buy in a physical store or online.”

Simon is not the first retail-focused property group to adopt new technology this year, as digital-friendliness and contact-free shopping have become a priority for many consumers. Cadillac-Fairview, the Canadian retail developer, launched an immersive shopping app in June that allows users to browse products without physically visiting stores. And in August, Cadillac-Fairview launched CF Guest List, a tool that allows shoppers to book time slots to visit participating stores, or to arrange for curbside pickup.

Afterpay announced in June that it would be launching its in-store platform, which is what will be used by participating Simon stores. Simon Property Group operates 106 malls in the United States, in addition to 69 premium outlets, across 37 states and Puerto Rico.