Four April Fools’ Pranks We Kind of Wish Were Real

It’s April Fools’ Day today. Brands love this opportunity to make up fake products and services for marketing purposes.

The thing is, though, a part of us wishes these were all real.

1. After extensive customer research showing that the majority of young men are now sporting beards, Virgin Mobile merged the best in beard maintenance and cell phone protection technologies to create the ultimate phone case: The FaceCase Beard Edition. It allows men to groom on the go. Promising to help men keep their facial hair looking its finest, the world’s first-ever “phone case for your face” includes trimming scissors, a beard comb, mustache wax, a mirror and a beard bib. You can see full product details here and read more on this below…

2. OpenTable unveiled “OpenTable Taste,” which gives diners the pleasure of discovering the perfect dish with a simple lick of their phone, phablet or tablet. Leveraging revolutionary 4D technology, OpenTable makes it easy for restaurants to share and promote their favorite dishes and have them transcend space and time. The temperature control via tongue swipes ensures that the desirability and integrity of the dish is maintained from the first to last lick.

3. PlusOne by CanvasPop is a new dating service. Once a customer opts in to receive the service, their system will analyze the photo upload to create a snapshot of their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. We’ll factor in age and location then compare it all against the photo uploads of other customers who have opted in, to find their perfect match.



4. During the past year, consumers around the globe have started using True Key by Intel Security to get rid of the hassle of passwords.
One of the things that makes the True Key app so unique is the way it uses multi-factor authentication.

New factors that take advantage of your unique characteristics were added, including your scent, hair—”as you comb your hair, it detects the texture, particles and your unique DNA”—saliva, and kisses.