Atomic Reach Brings Artificial Intelligence to Content Marketers

Atomic Reach is aiming to change the writing game with its new software product, Atomic AI.

The Toronto tech firm’s new platform hopes to transform content marketing.

“Research from Gleanster confirms that 25 cents of every dollar spent on content marketing is wasted on content that doesn’t perform,” said Bradley Silver, founder of Atomic Reach. “At the same time, we discovered that the top indicator of content performance is readability.”

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Atomic AI delivers, on average, four-times more Facebook conversions, three-times increased engagement and double the number of pageviews, the Canadian company says.

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“Atomic AI enables anyone publishing digital content to pinpoint the readability level of their audience and guides them to write content specifically for that audience,” says Silver. “When you match your content readability level with your target audience you see significant increases in overall engagement.”

Using insights gained from analyzing over two million pieces of writing that are vetted across the platform every day, coupled with client-specific content, Atomic AI does everything from examining whether language is too sophisticated for a particular audience to scheduling social media posts at the optimal time. It also includes a writing and editing platform that provides real-time feedback.

Atomic AI also utilizes engagement data from clients’ analytics platforms to gather intelligence and formulate predictive reports on topics, publishing times and distribution channels.

Atomic AI is now available to enterprises.

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