Cadillac Expands Virtual Showroom Program

The new program is called Cadillac Live and will be used to generate sales leads and aid in content creation and internal training.

Need to Know

  • Cadillac has expanded its virtual showroom Cadillac Live into the US after months of testing in Canada.
  • The virtual experience allows customers to chat one-on-one with agents, tour the showroom, and check out the inside of a car.
  • Cadillac plans to use the tool for lead generation and internal training and content creation.


After a successful Canadian launch earlier this year, Cadillac is expanding its digital showroom. Cadillac Live is an online showroom that allows customers to have “one-on-one video chats with sales agents who are able to demonstrate features and properties of Cadillac cars while answering questions on the spot. Customers can then request to test-drive the cars at their local dealerships.” 

To use it, shoppers can log in at to video chat with a live salesperson, invite someone else to join, view a pre-recorded session or book a session with a live agent at another date.

“Sales agents are equipped with an iPhone X, Osmo Mobile Gimbal, and a Bluetooth headset so they have the flexibility to tour a car while remaining on the call. This allows them to show how the entertainment system works or the size of the back seat.” 

Aside from actually test-driving a car, customers will get the whole experience of touring a showroom and connecting with an agent, without leaving the comfort of their home. Customers can also book a tour of the virtual showroom which is available at all times. 

The Cadillac Live experience is an effort by Cadillac to explore the way that customers like to shop, but also functions with the goal of generating leads and converting the online customer experience into physical sales. 

Cadillac will track how many customers sign up for test drives from the online portal and how many of those test drives result in sales. 

Cadillac may also use its Live functionality internally as a tool to help train dealership sales teams, create how-to videos, and develop social media content.

The luxury car manufacturer joins other automakers in bringing virtual reality experiences to their customers. A few years ago, BMW ventured into the VR world, both internally and on the customer side. Tapping into new tech, they are utilizing simulated test drives to improve their products on the manufacturing end and have also explored virtual showrooms to improve the customer experience. 

Audi has also introduced VR to the customer experience, with its visualization partner,  ZeroLight. The tech partner was brought on with the intention of enhancing the online viewing experience. “ZeroLight uses very advanced software … Fundamentally it’s the difference between looking at photos and you holding the camera.