Calgary’s Enthrill can help traditional bookstores enter the digital age

Calgary-based Enthrill Entertainment has devised an ebook system that may help traditional bookstores break through to the digital age—an increasingly necessary strategy, as one watches physical bookstores shutter their doors regularly and Amazon so often announce that Kindle continues to eclipse print sale milestones.

Enthrill’s ebooks system stocks gift card-esque products shops—from one’s own bookstore to a corner store or grocery store—and when a customer purchases a car, they can enter its redemption code online to download a book to the device of their choosing.

Enthrill’s co-founder, Kevin Franco says, “Enthrill’s eBook sales program is a natural fit for booksellers. It utilizes the merchandising skills and knowledge the traditional bricks & mortar booksellers already have. The content is the same, we’ve simply given them a package they can sell.”

“When we brought our idea to the Canadian Booksellers Association,” Kevin adds, “they were excited that their members could finally take part in eBook sales,” says Franco. “Now anyone, not just device holders, can purchase an eBook. Finally, eBooks can be given as gifts.”