Cloud Disruption: Google Eyes Quantum Computing Market

Google is among the few tech titans capable—in theory, anyway—of constructing a working quantum computer.

But, with crosshairs already beyond today’s barriers, Google wonders: how can we make money off of the technology?

According to information obtained by Bloomberg, Google is already offering science labs and artificial intelligence researchers a sneak peak at the company’s quantum machines.

The end goal, sources say, is to ignite development of tools and apps for quantum tech, transforming the next-generation computers into gods of the cloud, where Google generates an increasing amount of its revenue from.

Quoth Bloomberg:

These systems push the boundaries of how atoms and other tiny particles work to solve problems that traditional computers can’t handle. Google’s nascent efforts to commercialize it are opening a new phase of competition in the fast-growing cloud market.

Google and others—such as Vancouver’s D-Wave Systems—believe quantum technology could transform computing by processing tasks up to millions of times faster. Quantum computing is especially applicable to the cloud space, because the machines are mammoth and demand careful attention, making the technology significantly more accessible as a remotely accessible service.

IBM, considered a leader in the space with projects like Watson, may soon have some serious competition.