Cymax Launches Constant Retail to Remove E-Commerce Barriers

Cymax today announced the launch of Constant Retail, an end-to-end e-commerce platform that solves pain points furniture retailers and manufacturers face in adapting business in an ever changing environment.

“Brick and mortar furniture retailers want to keep up with consumer purchasing habits, which are moving online, but are faced with major hurdles in inventory management, shipping and logistics, and steep marketing investments,” explains Arash Fasihi, CEO of Cymax Stores. “We’ve built an end-to-end e-commerce solution that allows furniture retailers of any size to brand and market an online store, access product catalogues and competitive freight rates within minutes at a fraction of the cost.”

Cymax, which closed $30 million in its Series A financing last October, recently announced it would utilize the funding to evolve from an online marketplace to a leader in e-commerce technology.

Constant Retail leverages years of data and merchandising information collected by the company to offer traditional furniture retailers and vendors a way to explore omni-channels. The platform integrates merchandising, SKU uploading and updating, advertising and marketing, heavily discounted shipping carriers and order management capabilities, all in one interface.

“At present only four percent of sales in the $100 billion plus furniture market happen online, yet nine out of 10 customers are researching online prior to purchasing,” said Chris Carroll, Vice President of Sales for Constant Retail. “There is a large scale opportunity for retailers to capitalize on. Some of the biggest barriers for retailers making the jump to e-commerce revolve around advertising and shipping logistics. Constant Retail gives retailers the ability to comprehensively manage both, providing an affordable online go-to-market strategy in minutes, not months.”

Based in Vancouver, Cymax was founded in 2004.