District M Launches Programmatic Ad Platform Mypixel

District M believes that even the little guys need a chance to bring their products to the masses.

The Montreal-based company has released a new service called mypixel, a platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses launch creative ad campaigns that target the right kind of audience. The goal of mypixel is to provide smaller companies the chance to create campaigns on par with their biggest competition, thereby grabbing a slice of the $270 billion digital advertising industry.

District M and the new mypixel service connects advertisers with companies by using specially created programmatic advertising. This new solution is streamlined for those who may not have a massive advertising budget or who aren’t familiar with the intricacies of running online campaigns. Interested users can simply sign up for the service on the mypixel site and access all of the services from the “clients” section.

Users can also target their ads to a specific group and track the performance of their campaign, important tools that many small and medium-sized businesses just do not have the resources to access.

“We wanted to make it easier for independent businesses to reach local audiences,” says Adrian Pike, CMO of District M. “We’re not saying that these small companies will go take on a global market, but what we do want is to provide an equal opportunity when it comes to advertising in their geographical location.”

Mypixel will put a bit of power back in the hands of those companies that may have felt dwarfed by larger competition that has access to ad agencies and entire departments specializing in maintaining a digital presence.

“The first launch of mypixel is focused on enabling independent businesses to retarget traffic to their website,” says Pike. “Maybe you have an e-commerce platform, then it’s about being able to retarget customers to drive them back. Businesses with some form of online presence will be the real beneficiary of the mypixel.”

District M also incorporates AI elements into the platform as well, allowing users to grow and adapt with ad campaigns without doing enormous amounts of legwork.

“AI helps chip away at the more complex pieces that may scare off a business owner, including conversion rates, correct kinds of viewability, and budget spends,” explains Pike. “Over time we’ll enhance the AI with new logic and filter facets to make sure it’s as efficient as possible.”

Clients will also have access to a wide library of training resources if they sign on with mypixel. The platform will strive to create a more open and transparent marketplace so that digital advertisers and publishers can more easily connect to a market that will grow to nearly $340 billion by 2020.