Dovetale Launches Platform That Uses Image Recognition to Match Brands with Digital Influencers

Dovetale has launched a first-of-its-kind recommendations engine for brands to find influencers based on image recognition and machine learning.

The New York-based startup, which offers a web-based suite of tools to help brands and agencies manage, measure and pay influencers for branded content, says the launch was inspired by advertising and marketing mood boards; the company’s team of engineers put technology and data behind this method to cater to today’s tech-savvy brands looking to discover influencers across major social media channels.

For example, brand managers can upload images that match the look and feel they desire, such as black and white photography or images related to specific interests, and Dovetale will run the images through its artificial intelligence platform and return a list of qualified influencers that match.

“Our recommendations engine is just one aspect of our platform that gives brands and agencies a whole new way of creating or enhancing their influencer strategies,” said Mike Schmidt, founder of Dovetale. “We have developed a true technology platform that brings back the strategy, accountability and trust in influencer marketing.”

Dovetale also offers a dashboard to grow and optimize relationships, as well as real-time performance reports on key metrics.

“Influencer marketing can drive serious revenue for brands, but the platforms that will carry brands into the future will not just deliver influencers,” Schmidt said. “Dovetale helps educate brands during the process, while making it easy to see the direct impact influencer marketing has on their campaigns, so they can eventually own their influencer marketing strategy.”

Dovetale is backed by Expa and was one of the first companies to graduate from Expa Labs.

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