Online Retailer Everlane to Expand into Canada

Online-only retailer Everlane is thinking about expanding into the Canada market and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to gauge interest north of the border.

In order to start shipping to Canada, Everlane has launched a campaign to raise $100,000 in pre-orders and credits from Canadian consumers by March 21.

The company is offering a series of rewards—from custom products to trips to their SF and LA offices—for those who participate.

“So many retailers enter new markets with little to no knowledge of whether there’s excitement there. This seemed like a unique way to do something exciting for those who join early, while testing demand,” said Everlane founder, Michael Preysman.

Everlane believes that by leveraging the web, companies can make smarter decisions that ultimately benefit the consumer. While eager to bring its unique brand of transparent retail to Canada, as a young company Everlane wants to tread carefully.

Everlane will have to compete with Montreal-based Frank & Oak, a white-hot and award-winning startup in the same space here.



Everlane goes to the same factories as other luxury clothing brands to create their own line of closet essentials, and brings them to consumers without the middlemen or traditional markups.

Canadians can expect the same disruptive prices as American consumers, as well as transparent explanations of duties, taxes and shipping.