Looking at Future Trends, Ford Says Disruption is Now the Status Quo

Ford has released its annual trend report, which takes a peek at what 2017 holds for us.

In the Looking Further with Ford 2017 trend report, Ford Motor Company draws upon societal shifts taking place beyond the auto industry to inform business. Insights gleaned from economic, environmental and political arenas allow experts at the company to explore how trust, technology, and innovation can be leveraged to create meaningful vehicles and services that add value to consumers.

Sheryl Connelly, Ford global trend and futuring manager, says there is no escaping the fact that disruption is now the status quo.

Automating and Risk-Taking: The Road Ahead with Ford Futurist Sheryl Connelly

With a heightened focus on truth and transparency, roughly two-thirds of adults worldwide say it has never been more difficult to find information that is objective, Ford’s report shows.

Globally, consumers are finding more joy in less, and taking advantage of access-over-ownership service models, according to the report, while an abundance of choice in the marketplace is impacting attitudes toward commitment. In an on-demand world, the report suggests patience has become less of a virtue; there now are more ways to rationalize how we spend our time, rather than declaring it “wasted.”

Some of the report’s trends include:

  • Decider’s Dilemma: With the internet, consumers face an abundance of choice – impacting their attitudes toward commitment. Products and services are adapting to accommodate a “sampling society” that prioritizes trying over buying
  • Tech Spiral: Is technology improving our way of life, or eroding it? In many ways, tech has made life more convenient and efficient, yet consumers are beginning to grapple with its downside – from lower attention spans and retention capacities to allowing their gadgets to do their thinking for them
  • Community Ties: Today, community takes on various forms, shapes and sizes as citizens, educators, economic leaders and governments act in concerted, coordinated ways to build societies that give members purpose and hope.

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