GlamMobile launches mobile advertising platform to compete with Apple’s iAds

GlamMobile is launching a full-scale mobile advertising, content and social platform in North America, with specific partnerships in Canada designed to let brand advertisers reach target audiences on popular portable media devices. The platform comes with GlamEnable, a development tool for publishers who need both a mobile Web presence and in native applications for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

It is a direct competitor to iAd, Apple’s own mobile advertising network solution. GlamMobile also utilizes additional targeting capabilities such as geo-location, device type, mobile OS, etc. and a suite of high-impact, rich media, video and social ad units.

“With the increasing popularity of smartphones and iPads, our readers want access to more mobile friendly content,” said Kimberley Seldon, Editor in Chief of Dabble Magazine. “Glam Media is enabling us to deliver highly engaging content anywhere, any time on any device.”

“Mobile is a very powerful medium and the future of digital brand advertising is the ability to run deeply integrated and social campaigns across desktop and mobile,” said Samir Arora, Glam Media Chairman and CEO. “With the introduction of GlamMobile, marketers can more effectively deliver super premium ads that are highly engaging to the right audience at the right time throughout the course of their digital lifestyle.”

The Glam ad solution can run integrated campaigns for both online and mobile, allowing the same assets and creative to be used across digital media platforms, maintaining brand look and feel across all digital mediums. Glam’s strategy is to organize mobile advertising around lifestyle contents by verticals, taking added relevance and targeting tips from successful desktop approaches and applying them to mobile. GlamEnable can also be used by third-party developers.