Google Debuts Mortgage Evaluation Technology DocAI

The new tool uses machine learning to automate, speed up mortgage application process.

Need to Know

  • Lending DocAI is Google’s first service for the mortgage industry.
  • The new tool can evaluate a borrower’s income and asset documents, using machine learning, which automates routine document reviews.
  • DocAI can help reduce risk for lenders and speed up the application process for borrowers by automating the collection of relevant documents.


Google has added a new tool to its suite of industry tools, releasing Lending DocAI, the company’s first-ever service for the mortgage industry.

DocAI, which is now in the preview stage, automates the mortgage application and approvals processes. The tool captures data at scale, automating document data capture and ensuring accuracy in that data’s analysis and processing. Google has programmed the tool to use machine learning models to automate routine document reviews, speeding up the process of mortgage approval.

“Our goal is to give you the right tools to help borrowers and lenders have a better experience and to close mortgage loans in shorter time frames, benefiting all parties involved,” Google product manager Sudheera Vanguri says of the new tool. “With Lending DocAI, you will reduce mortgage processing time and costs, streamline data capture, and support regulatory and compliance requirements.”

Lending DocAI is powered by Google Cloud’s OCR and natural language. The tool will speed up the mortgage experience for borrowers, by reducing the amount of time it takes to compile all the necessary application documents, and the tool’s advanced machine learning capabilities will allow banks to approve (or turn down) mortgages much more quickly, reducing both risk for lenders and wait time for applicants, while adhering to important regulatory and compliance parameters.

Google has been recently diversifying its product offerings to appeal to a number of industries, from consumer retail to banking. The company recently announced a suite of updates to Google Analytics that allow that platform to better serve marketers in a time of increased digital focus, and has worked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure its e-commerce tools, such as Google Ads, were optimized for new consumer priorities such as curbside pickup.

The company has also recognized an increased consumer desire for sustainability and transparency, partnering with Unilever in September to use its cloud capabilities to enable transparency along that company’s supply chain; similarly, Google partnered with WWF to launch a sustainable platform, which also leverages Google Cloud, in June of this year.