Google Releases Talent Recruitment Tool Hire

Google is streamlining recruitment for small and medium-sized businesses with the launch of its latest tool named after what the app is aiming to do: Hire.

The new tool helps employers as they search for and interview candidates. With Hire, businesses can post job listings, track talent contact information and job applications, schedule and send interview invites, and collect candidate feedback all in one place.

The new tool keeps candidates organized throughout the hiring process and lets businesses manage applications along the way. The app is available to companies already using G Suite – Google’s cloud software platform – and integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Google Calendar.

To ensure Hire was intuitive and effective, Google said they worked with early adopter customers for more than a year and conducted hundreds of user-testing sessions.


“Hire’s intuitive and simple UI makes it easy for recruiters, hiring managers or even interviewers to take an active part in the recruiting process,” said Jessica Adams, vice president of Human Resources at Brad’s Deals, in a press release. “The app’s integration with G Suite enables us to quickly access all candidate communications in one place, efficiently schedule interviews and collaborate to reach a hiring decision quickly.”

Hire is currently only available to US-based businesses under 1,000 employees who use G Suite. If these businesses want to use Hire, they’ll have to pay depending of the size of their team.