Google Launches Ridesharing Service in Uber’s Hometown

Google is stepping on Uber’s toes. The tech titan is launching a ridesharing service in San Francisco to help commuters carpool at reduced rates, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The launch stems from a pilot program Google started in California in May, which allows Waze users to connect with other commuters. It’s not the same business model as Uber, but it certainly adds competition in an already fiercely competitive market.

Google acquired Waze, a navigation app that offers real-time driving directions based on information from other drivers, in 2013.

Uber, despite losing billions of dollars this year, is valued at nearly $70 billion—more than most major automotive manufacturers. The company historically has relied on Google’s mapping software but is now developing its own maps.

Can Uber Compete with Self-Driving Cars?

Google and Uber are competing in another area, too: autonomous vehicles. Both companies are building and testing self-driving cars in the US.

Waze has 65 million active users.