H&M Introduces Contactless Digital Receipts

The fashion retailer has partnered up with fintech firm Flux to provide receipts via email.

Need to Know 

  • H&M has partnered with fintech firm Flux to launch digital receipts. 
  • Flux integrates directly with a customer’s banking app and automatically provides a digital receipt without the need to provide an email address at the till.
  • Digital receipts can improve contactless shopping and are more environmentally friendly; retailers can use digital receipts to collect data for marketing purposes and customers can use them to track purchases.


In partnership with British fintech firm Flux, H&M has now introduced digital receipts

Flux is a young fintech company that teams up with banks and retailers to digitize customer receipt data. The partnership with retail giant H&M marks their first foray into clothing and apparel. 

During a time where physical distancing is so important, digital receipts offer an even more contact-free approach to shopping in-store. Plus, digital receipts are more environmentally friendly. 

Here’s how it works: Flux connects to banks via an API and delivers a digital receipt to the customer through their banking app of choice. There is no email signup at checkout required, while retailers can then use that info to help ensure shoppers receive the best loyalty and marketing promotions.

Customers can use their receipts for returns or exchanges by scanning a barcode that is embedded in the receipt or by citing the receipt ID to the cashier.

“2020 has been a year like no other, and we’re seeing more innovation in the retail sector than ever before,” said Flux CEO Matty Cusden-Ross. “We’re super proud to be supporting H&M not only with their sustainability initiatives but also helping them add extra contact-free experiences at the till.”

H&M has indeed innovated with new digital integrations this year. 

Most recently, the popular clothing brand launched a live chat offering using Google Chat technology. Customers can now interact with live agents and virtual chatbots 24/7, which H&M hopes will improve the overall customer experience. 

Earlier this year, H&M also launched its first “buy now, pay later” function. Due to H&M’s partnership with Klarna, customers can now choose to buy their items, either online or in-store and pay for them in installments up to 30 days later.  

The fast fashion retailer has also pledged to become 100% “climate positive” by the end of 2040.