Indochino Continues Showroom Expansion with Four New US Locations

Indochino announced this week that it will open showrooms in four cities in the US this summer, continuing to scale its omnichannel business.

The Vancouver-born company also announced it experienced 57% year-over-year net revenue growth over the past six months.

Indochino is opening second showrooms in New York and Philadelphia, and first stores in Chicago and Washington, DC.

“In the span of a month, we will almost double the number of our US locations as we continue to change shopping habits and bring our unique showroom experience to men across North America,” said Drew Green, CEO. “We’ve been prudently searching for the perfect locations to become available and are confident that launching all stores in quick succession will better serve our growing customer base while continuing to build a strong brand presence.”

Indochino started as an ecommerce store but says that has been “overwhelming demand” for brick-and-mortar locations.

“It’s been a stellar year of profitable growth and we’re committed to keep growing the business in a strategic and sustainable way as we offer men around the world personalized clothing at unprecedented value,” Green said. “We’ve inspired a new way for men to shop by providing a realistic and affordable alternative to ready to wear.”