Marketing.AI Raises $2 Million Series A Round from Marin Investments

Marketing.AI has raised $2 million.

The Series A round, led by Marin Investments, will help expand the Vancouver-based firm’s efforts in building a flexible software solution for aligning strategic messaging and company teams, products, departments and brands around the content marketing effort, across the customer journey.

“We have been able to make it very far as a company with minimal outside investment by focusing on creating a great product, for well-defined, advanced marketing use cases, while winning great customers and providing highly-responsive customer service,” notes founder Greg Marlin.

“This new investment allows us to accelerate product development on a number of fronts, and continue to invest in our customer success organization to support our customers wherever they are, and at whatever time they need immediate help and support.”

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Marketing.AI’s SaaS solution that consists of three core elements: strategy (planning campaigns and cycles); workflow (executing plans); and analytics (tracking progress).

“We’re excited to continue the next chapter of our journey as a company with new friends and old,” Marlin added.