FundRazr, Dexterity Ventures to Launch Partnership on National Philanthropy Day

FundRazr and Dexterity Ventures have partnered.

Their partnership aims to to make it easier for North American charities to harness the power of crowdfunding.

FundRazr users can select any charity from Dexterity Ventures’ database of 1.5 million charities across North America and create a customizable fundraising campaign for free.

The partnership launches on National Philanthropy Day on November 15.

“Our partnership with Dexterity Ventures gives FundRazr customers the ability to start a crowdfunding campaign and raise money for any registered non-profit in the US and Canada,” says FundRazr CEO Daryl Hatton.

Donations can be accepted by credit card, debit, WePay, and PayPal.

“We are thrilled for FundRazr to be using our GIVE_api,” says Dexterity Ventures CEO Gena Rotstein. “This initiative enables anyone to be a philanthropist, and proves that one doesn’t need millions of dollars to make an impact.”