World’s Most Dedicated Pokémon Go Player? New York Man May Be the First to Catch ‘Em All

A New York man may have become the first Pokémon trainer to catch all 142 of the creatures available in North America. At level 31, the player spent more than 100 hours over two weeks hatching more than 300 eggs and walking over 95 miles—resulting in catching 4,300 Pokémon.

Interestingly, the Brooklyn man didn’t have to travel very far outside of New York to catch them all. Well, almost all—the remaining nine on his list are region-locked—such as Mr. Mime in Europe and Kangaskhan in Australia—or unfathomably rare (the three legendary birds, which teams are based on, have not yet been sighted).


You can learn more about his success at Pokémon Go on Reddit.