Porsche Launches New Digital Vehicle Search Platform

The new tool was developed in-house and allows customers to search for pre-owned Porsches online.

Need to Know 

  • Porsche has launched a new vehicle search platform called Porsche Finder.
  • The platform was developed in-house as a response to the car company’s growing e-commerce focus.
  • The new tool allows customers to search for pre-owned Porsche vehicles by searching by price, model, generation, and more.
  • This launch is the latest step in Porsche’s long-term plan to improve its digital strategy


Porsche has unveiled its new pre-owned vehicle search platform. The new tool, called Porsche Finder, is the latest step in improving the luxury brand’s e-commerce strategy. 

Porsche is improving the way customers interact with the brand from home or online, by enhancing the brand’s digital accessibility. And the new platform was developed in-house by Porsche’s own digital arm, Porsche Digital.

Porsche Finder allows customers to search by vehicle model and generation, as well as by price, color, and other filters. In their search, users can include specific vehicle features such as whether or not it has a sunroof, alarm systems, specific audio systems, and even wheel size. Users can also search by location—currently, the search tool is only available for vehicles located in the US.

The new platform is the next step in Porsche’s long-term strategy to improve the luxury vehicle brand’s digital presence and create a one-stop online shop for customers to find, buy, and finance a vehicle. 

“Now is the time to put our foot on the accelerator to make the Porsche digital experience as stellar as our cars,” said Klaus Zellmer, president and CEO of Porsche. “Providing seamless access to our products is a top priority in our existing e-commerce strategy, with the goal of creating a one-stop shop for new and pre-owned vehicle search and purchase, which will follow down the road. For now, the new Porsche Finder platform for pre-owned vehicles will enhance the customer experience and greatly benefit our dealer partners.”

In a competitive online market, and especially amid the global pandemic, automakers and luxury brands are forced to innovate in the digital space. 

Porsche competitor Cadillac last year launched a virtual showroom, allowing customers to experience one-on-one video chats with sales agents and be given a tour of the vehicle and all of its features without ever having to come down to the dealership. The luxury car brand also partnered with Amazon earlier this year to launch a conceptual digital-first car shopping experience.