President Trump to Meet with Tech CEOs to Discuss Efficiency, Security, Talent

President Donald Trump intends to meet with technology executives, including Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos.

The upcoming meeting will address a few things, including how technology could help the government cut significant administration costs and reduce fraud among agencies.

Upward of 20 chief executives will participate in the White House discussion, including the heads of Alphabet, Microsoft, and IBM.

Another topic of the meeting will be the US visa program that aims to bring in highly skilled foreign workers—something that Canada recently addressed with the launch of a new program.

Canada’s Global Skills Strategy will give employers a faster and more predictable process for attracting top talent and new skills to the country, creating economic growth and more middle-class jobs for Canadians, according to the government. High-skilled workers coming to Canada on a temporary basis are now able to benefit from two-week processing of applications for work permits and, when necessary, temporary resident visas; open work permits for spouses and study permits for dependants will also be processed in two weeks when applicable.