Salesforce’s Latest Einstein Services Highlight Power of AI for Business

Salesforce is bolstering its Einstein platform with additional artificial intelligence features.

Three new services were announced at the company’s TrailheadX conference in San Francisco this week. Those services are Sentiment, Intent, and Object Discovery, all of which operate through Einstein.

  • Sentiment analyzes text across social media channels and identifies whether the content is positive, negative, or neutral toward your product, allowing customer service teams to address complaints without manually digesting hundreds of tweets.
  • Intent tackles inbound communication by understanding the intent of inquires, enabling a streamlined process for adequately handling service cases by knowing what a customer expects out of the transaction.
  • Object Discovery leverages image recognition technology to identify a company’s product, such as if someone tweets a photo of the product without actually naming it. This allows companies to track product mentions beyond text.

The new services demonstrate how much time—which translates into money—AI can save businesses by automating otherwise manual, tedious human effort.

And Salesforce is just one of several major tech firms showcasing the emerging power of AI. Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are some of the others, utilizing the technology for features like Siri and automatic photo-tagging.